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1. Stainless steel framework, accurately according to the window radian of surface, ensures maximum performance.
2. The Evodium tensioning strip ensures that the blade is perfectly tailored to the shape of the windscreen,expanding an equal pressure throughout the both ends, thus ensuring maximum visibility and safety in critical weather conditions.
3.  100% import natural rubber, more than 50% rubber, treated by Teflon, Established TWIN rubber compound technology, effectively in oil-proof, water-proof, and satic-proof.
4.   Imported orientation stainless steels embeded into both sides of the neoprene steal to strengthen the straightness of the wiper, avoid any neglects of partial wiping by the possibilities of the pressure gap.
Original Equipment Application:
      PEUGEOT 307       (28"/26")
       VOLVO S60          (24"/22")
       VOLVO S80          (24"/22")
       VOLVO  V70         (24"/22")
       VOLVO  Xc70        (24"/22")
       VOLVO Xc90         (24"/22")
        CITROEN             (24"/28")
         AUDI Q7             (28"/26")

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